Introduction: Water Reminder Water Bottle Holder

Do you ever forget to drink your water? I know I do! That's why I came up with the idea of creating a water bottle holder that reminds you to drink your water. The water bottle holder has a feature where a noise will sound every hour to remind you to take a sip of water. There are animated lights that go off every hour as well, along with the "ba-ding" noise. It is made out of insulated material to make sure that your water bottle stays cool. It also has a draw string top to allow it to fit all water bottle shapes and sizes. I also added a hook to the top which allows you to clip the water bottle holder onto a bad, backpack, etc. so that you can take it on the go.


1. Insulated Material - 1 piece 15" x 15"

2. Felt - 1 piece 5" x 6"

3. Draw String (I used a shoelace, it worked great)

4. Adafruit Circuit Playground -

5. Battery Pack for Circuit Playground

6. Embroidery floss or String

7. Needle

8. Carabiner

Many of these items don't need to be specific. You can use any sort of insulated material to make the base of the water bottle holder. You can also use a draw string or a shoelace, or whatever works for you, to create the closed top on the water bottle. For the clip at the top, you can use a carabiner (which is what I used), or you can use any sort of clip that you might have laying around.

Step 1: Measure

Measure the length and width of your water bottle that you’d like to use for the water bottle holder (I went with 15” x 15”) You can make it long enough to cover your lid, or if you want it shorter, you can make it so that it doesn’t cover your lid.

Step 2: Cut

Cut a rectangle out of preferred insulated fabric to match the dimensions of your water bottle. (Once again, I did mine in 15” x 15”) Add an inch extra to the circumference measurement.

Step 3: Fold

Fold an inch of the material over on both the top and Botton of your rectangle. Sew each of these folds down with your needle and embroidery floss or thread. (You can use sewing machine if you have one) Leave two openings at the top of your holder to fit the draw string into (or shoelace if that is what you are using).

Step 4: Wrap

Wrap your rectangle around your water bottle. Place either side of your rectangle together and stitch together the height of your holder (do this inside out).

Step 5: Cut

Cut out another piece of material out, but this one is only about 4 inches by 6 inches (or however big the bottom of your water bottle is).

Step 6: Sew

Sew the sides of the long side of this rectangle together. Then turn this inside out.

Step 7: Sew

Sew one side of this tube, flattened out, to the inside of your tote’s shaft (once again, using embroidery floss or regular thread).

Step 8: Place

Place your bottle inside the shaft and bring the bottom fabric across the bottom of your bottle to determine where to trim off any excess material.

Step 9: Stitch

Stitch the other side of the bottom ribbon to the opposite side of the shaft.

Step 10: Synch

With the two openings at the top of the holder, slide in your shoelace or your draw string in the first opening and bring it all the way through and out of the second opening. This will create the synch at the top to close the holder. If you prefer to have the holder below the lid without it covering your water bottle, you don’t have to add a draw string or shoelace. Or you can make it shorter and still add a draw string or shoelace.

Step 11: Cut

Cut out a piece of felt that is about 5” x 6”. Hand sew it onto the outside of your finished water bottle holder. Don’t sew the top, leave it open. This will be the pouch for your circuit playground and battery pack.

Step 12: Loop

Create a loop to hook your clip on by cutting out a 2” x 8” piece of fabric. Fold the fabric over and sew it onto the top of your holder. Then place Carabiner into the hoop to be used as a hook to hook water bottle holder onto backpack, bag, etc.

Step 13: Programming Circuit Playground

1. Program the circuit playground to go off every hour and showing animated lights by using this code (code shown below):

2. Instructions on how to use MakeCode to program circuit playground found here:

3. Once circuit playground is coded, turn it on and put it in pouch. You can turn off the battery pack when you aren’t wanting to use the reminder aspect.

4. It will go off every hour to remind you to take a sip!

Step 14: Final Product

Step 15: Tips and Tricks

1. You can buy any kind of fabric you would like. Insulated fabric is preferred (so that your water can stay cooler for longer).

2. You can adjust the length to however long or short you would like it. It just depends on personal preference. The steps are the same!

3. I would recommend keeping the water bottle holder short enough that it doesn't cover the top of the water bottle to make for easy accessibility to drink water more easily.

4. Attaching a clasp to the top of the pocket that the circuit playground is in highly recommended (to make sure the circuit playground doesn't fall out.

5. You can adjust the MakeCode so that the circuit playground goes off every half an hour if you don't want it to go off every hour. Time is easily adjustable when coding this.

Step 16: Project Inspiration

Inspiration for this project comes from a couple of sources. Here are the links to websites that helped me create this idea!