Introduction: EASY to DIY a Jacket With Plastic Bags in Three Steps (Material Reuse Idea)

This material reuse idea is focusing on plastic!

Plastic waste is one of the biggest environmental issues around the world.

Queen Elizabeth II has officially announced war again plastic

Natural species lose their life after ingesting wasted plastic

Let's save the world by reduce the use of plastic and reuse them in any possible way

Here is the tutorial to make a DIY jacket from plastic bags

Step 1: Materials

1. Sewing Box (Needle, Safety pin, thread)

2. Scissors

3. Plastic Bubble Shipping Bag

4. Stabler

5. Fastener

6. Small Knife

Step 2: Form the Basic Structure of the Jacket (Step One)

Cut the side of plastic bubble bags and keep it like a piece of paper, then connect multiple bags together to fit your body size and sew the bags together.

Any kind of stitch will work as long as the plastic pieces are stable enough to form a jacket.

Step 3: Stable and Sew the Shower Holder (Step Two)

Cut shower holder with other small plastic bag pieces

Use safety pins to hold the plastic pieces in the desired place on the jacket body

Sew the shower holder on the jacket body with any stitch

The last thing to do is to sew the fasteners on the jacket body.

Make sure you try it on after this step is done. If the jacket is too tight for your body, then add some plastic pieces to increase the length of the body part. If the shower holder is not long enough, add some pieces to make it fit.

Step 4: Decoration (Not Necessary)

Decorate your Garment if there are still some patterned plastic pieces left.

You can Design the Garment that only belongs to you.

Tell your friends about the idea. It is easy to make along with this guidance.


There are 8000000 tons of plastic product wastes being tossed into the ocean.

I wish to encourage all the viewers to reduce their usage of plastic products.

They can simply be plastic utensils, cups, (Shopping) bags, Straws and etc.

We can protect our own environment by making a small step