Introduction: Water Rocket Launcher in 30 Minutes or Less

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Ever wanted to build a water rocket launcher but did not have PVC cement?
What if you lack of patience to wait for the PVC cement to cure overnight?
What if you want to build a launcher right now that you can use right now?

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Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed

Length of half inch schedule 40 PVC pipe. I recommend at least three feet

Schrader valve

Gasket, electrical tape, o ring, garden hose washer etc.

hot glue


heat source (a lighter works well)

clamping device, pliers work well

hot glue gun

drill bit or any means to create a hole large enough for the Schrader valve.

bicycle pump

Step 2: Heat,Pinch and Seal One End

How to heat,pinch and seal one end of the PVC pipe.

Use you heat source to heat 1 inch of the pipe at the end.

heat until the pvc is malleable.
when the pvc is soft, clamp, twist and pinch 1 end of the pipe.

Optionally inject hot glue into the end of the pipe after heating it and before pinching and twisting. This guarantees a good seal. See photos for details

Step 3: Add the Schrader Valve

Drill the smallest hole that will allow you to tightly squeeze the Schrader valve into.
After drilling a hole attach the Schrader valve to the bicycle pump before inserting and sealing with hot glue.
pump a couple of times while the glue is hardening. This will prevent the valve being plugged with the glue.

see the pictures for clarification

Step 4: Add Gasket

Add a gasket to the launcher.
A single wrap of electrical tape will do.

Step 5: Launch Procedure

the water rocket is restrained manually during pressurization. loosen your grip to launch.

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