Water Rocket Fast

Introduction: Water Rocket Fast

Gather materials both

1.List your materials here: cardboard glue scissors 2 liter soda bottle cone on top tape box cutters launcher pump.

2. chose the size of your wings with ruler then Cut out the shape of the wings with box cutter then

3.Use ruler to make the fins with a pencil or a sharpie. Use first wing to make other wings.

4.Then you cut the wings out and then measure the circumference with paper and mark with sharpie under paper and on top of paper where you will stick the wings on the bottle.

5.stick them on your bottle with good tape thats strong.

6.Then you are ready to fly hope yours go far.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Water rockets are so fun!

    Do you have any more photos of how you made yours, or of it shooting off? Those would be great to include, if you did :)