Introduction: Water Timer(idea)

Math Project: Codename Showerhead Average time spent in shower (BBC): 8 minutes (16.4 gallons per minute) Average Gallons per minute (BBC): 2.05 Gallons per minute With the Shower Timer, which shuts off water after 5 minutes plus time needed for hot water to come up, you can save 6.15 gallons! 16.4-10.25 Average Dollars per Gallon: $0.01143 Money saved per shower: $0.072 per shower What: Shower Timer that Shuts off water after 5 minutes plus time needed for hot water Digital Made of Plastic with electronics inside Can choose heat with a knob Beeps every 1 minute and counts down in last ten seconds Who: Average family can buy $25 Must have plumber install due to have to be attached to pipes How: Shuts off water after 5 minutes no override Can be turned off earlier but not later Where: In shower Why: To save water and money Measurements: Base-4 inches, Width-3 inches, Height-3 inches, Surface Area-66 inches squared, Volume- 36 inches cubed

Step 1: Materials

•Tape measure •Circuit board •Wires •1 tube •tin foil •knife •Wood •Timer • Top to oil holder

Step 2: Measurements for Structure

Measure and trace your wood so you have 2 traced out 3x3 pieces of wood for the side, and then trace again for 4 pieces of 4x3 pieces of wood. Then when you got your pieces cut them out.

Step 3: Construction 1

When you have cut out all of our pieces, attach the circuit board to 1 4x3 piece of wood and then attach all of your pieces together. To make a rectangular prism. Put in your timer and wires and make sure that all are hooked up together properly. Make sure that there are no holes or gaps.

Step 4: Construction 2

Now cut a hole in the 4x3 piece of wood so the timer piece of the handle can be shown and used easily, and also to prevent water from leaking in after attaching metal top. Then, make 2 holes on the side with the 2 3x3 pieces of wood. This is so you can attach it with your shower instead of using the normal handles. Then eventually you have a shower timer.

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