Introduction: Water Trick

This is a prank in which you can fool anyone just by using some easily available materials. In this you can give a water bottle which is filled with water to a friend whom you want to fool. After opening the bottle we can see the water spilled over the friend's dress

Step 1: Required Apparatus

The materials required for performing this prank are easily available in our surroundings.

They are -

1.) Empty water bottle

2.) Pins

3.) Water

Step 2: Preparing the Bottle

First of all take an empty water bottle and pierce some holes by using the pins at the bottom of the bottle. Those holes should be as small that they should not appear from outside. After piercing holes the empty water bottle should look like the above picture.

Step 3: Filling Water in the Bottle

Now after piercing the holes in the water bottle, fill water in the empty water bottle by placing the bottle under a tap. The best way is to immerse the bottle in a bucket full of water. The most important precaution to follow is that we need to replace the cap of the bottle as fast as we can after filling the bottle with water.

Step 4: Wait for the Victim to Make His Clothes Wet

After filling water and closing the cap, just place the water bottle in a place where somebody can open it. And after opening the cap of the bottle, just laugh by seeing the victim.

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