Introduction: Water Tunnel Operating Instructions

This serves as a set of operating instructions for Aquatic Solution's water tunnel.

Instructions listed are for nominal and safest performance.

Step 1: Fill Reservoir With Water

  1. Remove reservoir top.
  2. Fill with water, ensuring that water height stays within markings (4-6 inches).
  3. Seal reservoir.

Step 2: Place Geometric Insert in Test Section

  1. Snap desired geometric fitting into female fasteners inside test section.

Step 3: Turn on Pump

  1. Ensure top of pump is not fully submerged before operation.
  2. Plug pump into wall outlet.

Step 4: Control Water Velocity

  1. Slowly rotate knob on the control variable switch counterclockwise until pump reaches its maximum output.
  2. Slowly rotate knob in the opposite direction (clockwise) to reach the desired speed.

Step 5: Observe Flow in Test Section

The water tunnel is now running; enjoy study and analysis of varied flow types. Try using different geometric inserts and flow rates to experiment with various models of flow!

We hope you enjoy our product.


The Aquatic Solutions Team