Introduction: Water Winger Dragon Mashup

I didn’t like the original dinosaur design, and I wanted to make a dragon, so I mashed up a dinosaur torso and made my own wings. I look forward to printing this one out after my sister finishes making her homemade 3D printer!

Step 1: The Process: Basic Dinosaur Printable Pieces

To start, it is super easy to find the Printables > Dinosaur pieces, as shown here.

Drag the pieces you want to your workplace, assembling them as desired.

You can see that it is relatively easy to quickly build a 3D printable dinosaur.

I wasn’t happy with this, and wanted to convert it into a dragon!

Step 2: The Mashup Process: Making Dinosaur Wings and Torso!

I started with a regular Dinosaur Torso, (Printables > Dinosaur > Torso), and then added ball joints (Connectors > Seated Ball) for the wings to attach with.

To make the wings, I used scribble to make a good wing design. After that I used a Claw Tip (Dinosaur > Claw Tip) to obtain an appropriately styled ball joint companion. I used a box to cut off the tip of the Claw Tip as shown using the ‘hole’ feature, and then I attached it to the scribble wing with a group command. To get a second wing, I merely copied the first and flipped it.

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