Water Bottle Boat




Introduction: Water Bottle Boat

This boat is made out of a motor, fan, water bottle, film canister, wire, tin foil, and a C battery. The water bottle glides above the surface while the motor is submerged.

Step 1: Materials

The items you need are:
plastic fan blade (not shown)
0.5L water bottle
film cannister
tin foil
C battery

Sorry-You won't need the rocks : )

Step 2: Battery Pack

Now you need to punch two holes. One hole goes on the lid of the film canister and the other on the side of the canister itself. You can use an ice pick to poke the holes. Follow the picture examples.

Step 3: Battery Pack Wires

You need to wrap the end of the wires in the tin foil then attach them to the film canister. Keep folding the tin foil around the wire until it will fit in the film canister. Allow enough space for the battery also to go inside the canister.

Step 4: Completeing the Boat

Use hot glue to attach the film canister assembly to the water bottle and attach the motor to the opposite end allowing room for the fan to hang off the end of the bottle.

Step 5: How to Run This Boat

Your boat will turn on or off by placing the cap on or removing from the canister. To keep the motor from rusting you should probably put some WD-40 on it after running it under water and allow it to dry well. Have fun! : )

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    5 years ago

    im going to make this in class

    The motor will short-circuit so don't put in the water.I have seen that it's an ordinary D.C. motor so never make that mistake.The boat will not float because of the round shape!


    12 years ago on Introduction

     can you put the motor in the canister or attaching the motor to the nozzle?


    12 years ago on Introduction

    nice but wont the wd40 heat up and burn from the electricity


    Wow, this is really great. This definitely has some great potential to be expanded. Thanks for the idea!