Introduction: Water Bottle Holder

Looking for a handy way to carry your water bottle and keep your beverage cold? Use your fabric scraps to make this water bottle holder.

Step 1: Measuring for Pattern

Measure bottle height and width with measuring tape.
Add 1" to measurements. Example, if bottle measures 9' around and 8" tall, fabric is cut to 10" X 9".

Step 2: Trace Bottom for Pattern.

On a piece of paper, trace bottle bottom. Add 1/2" around the circle.

Step 3: Cutting Fabric.

On fabric, cut 2 pieces of bottle fabric and 2 circle bottoms, cut strap: 3" wide by desired length. This could be 45-55" for shoulder strap. (If the width of your fabric is not wide enough for the length of your strap, you may need to piece it).
On batting, cut 1 bottle and 1 circle bottom. If you want a slightly padded strap, you can cut a strip of batting for the strap.

Step 4: Starting Construction.

Place batting on wrong side of fabric, stitch batting 1/4 from edge. Securing batting to fabric.

Step 5: Side Seam.

Meet wrong sides together with top and bottom open, stitch 1/4" side seam.

Step 6: Prepare for Bottom Circle.

On the bottom edge, make 1/4" clips to stitching. Be careful, not cut through stitching.
Take 1 fabric circle and batting circle, place batting on wrong side of fabric.
Stitch close to edge, securing batting to fabric.

Step 7:

Pin circle to bottle cover bottom, using clip to distribute ease. Match right sides together.
Stitch bottom to circle.

Step 8: Lining.

With remaining fabric rectangle (lining), stitch 1/4" from one side, which is the bottom of the holder. With right sides together, sew sides of holder.  Clip bottom 1/4" as before.
Repeat as with cover, attaching circle to holder.

Step 9: Cover and Lining Meet

With wrong sides together, slide lining into cover. Match top edges.

Step 10: Strap

Make strap: fold fabric lengthwise. If using batting, place batting in between the wrong sides.
Turn 1/4" on both long sides and stitch close to edges on both sides.

Step 11:

On bottle holder, turn 1/4" on top of holder and lining. Sandwich strap between the holder and the lining, placing it evenly on the edge of the bottle.
Stitch the edge twice to secure it.

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