Introduction: Water Can Fix

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Just a cheap but effective fix for a broken water can. Enjoy!!

Step 1: Pcs Needed

The shower tip on my water can broke, so I took some PVC parts I had and made a new one. These cans are very expensive, so this was better. And it even worked better than expected. I used the can I already had, a small length of 3/4" PVC pipe (24" or so) and a 3/4" PVC cap.

Step 2:

I drilled several holes in the cap to act as a shower head, and then put it on the end of the pipe with no glue.

Step 3:

I tried the pipe on the water can and it fit very well and tight, but I wrapped a little electrical tape on it really tight just for extra support.

Step 4:

As you can see, it works really well, and now I can water at the base of my plants without bending over and I dont waste any extra water this way. Most plants benefit from the water in the dirt and not on the leaves. I have seen water cans with the extended shower head go for $80-$120 (which is ridiculous) in some stores. This one cost nothing, because I had all of the parts just taking up space in the garage. Hope you enjoy!!