Introduction: Water Chocolate Mousse

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Are water and chocolate the ultimate enemies?

Hervé This proofed us wrong figuring in out this awesome recipe! I love this simple recipe that yields a super intense chocolate flavourfull chocolate mousse.


  • Water (200gr, 7OZ)
  • Chocolate (200gr, 7OZ)

The ratio for these ingredients is 1 to 1. so feel free to make some extra!

I used 70% chocolate. In the past I tried white chocolate and did not work. So I would recommend to stick to this, go to a higher % or just try and see what happens!

Step 1: Mix Chocolate and Water

Mix chocolate and water into a pot, then bring to a low heat until it melts. Stir slowly.

Step 2: Whisking

As soon as the chocolate is completely melted, bring the pot on top of an ice bath. And start whisking!! Whisk, whisk and whisk.

The longer you whisk the thicker your mouse will be. It took around 4 minutes to me. And yes I got tired.

Step 3: Eat It!

Once you have the mousse consistency you can pour it into some cups (for example), and enjoy it!

I added some salt and ate it right away. You can keep it in the fridge, if you prefer it even colder.

Please do not hesitate to try this, is addictive. Pure chocolate in your mouth.


Step 4: Some Printing Test!

The whole excuse for this recipe was to test to print with it on Pinya3. And.... really happy that it worked! Consistency is good enough to hold thin walls up to half and inch.

Delicious fun :)