Water Meter Installation Procedure

Introduction: Water Meter Installation Procedure

In this instructable i´ll try to show you how to install a home water meter. In this case i decide to install a water meter because the pyment fixed fee it´s very expensive according to usage.

Let´s go to work

Step 1: Materials

You need this material:

*- A water meter (of course!) in mi case a 3/4 new generation polymer home water meter.

*- 1st step water filter (this can be removed) but i considered usefull.

*- 2 3/4 galvanized union nut. (it can be copper but it´s more expensive)

*- 2 3/4 copper elbows.

*- 1 3/4 copper elbow with rope.

*- 4 3/4 copper weldable coupling. If you removed water filter only use 2.

*- 3/4 copper tuber. The quantity that you need.

*- Teflon tape.

*- Anti-seize can

*- Blowtorch, welding and solder paste.

Step 2: Preparing the Parts

Joint union nut to water meter one each side using teflon tape. Maybe you need to use a parrot key or stilson wrench.

Joint approximately a half of the thread.

Step 3: Examining and Measuring

We need to see how the situation it´s going to be. In this case i eliminate all the galvanized tube after stopcock to the copper tube.

I sprayed a bit of anti-seize in all the junctions. DONT FORGET CLOSE THE STOPCOCK.

After that i used parrot key and stilson wrench to remove all the tubes that i don´t need.

I proceeded to weld the elbows, coupling and put it togheter with the water meter.

You need to bee very carefully in this step becasue you need to consider the order placement.

First i put the copper elbow with rope then weld the copper tube, the elbows and the coupling.

Joint the water meter to the coupling using the union nut. In the other side the union nut to the coupling and the elbow.

Ending with the union between the two cooper coupling.

Step 4: Well Done

If everything it´s ok it´s look´s like the pictures above.

The final step it´s test it opening the stopcock and let the water run.

I hope it´s understandable and useful.

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    5 years ago

    USA water meter threads are not standard pipe threads. They are straight threads designed to be installed with a union coupling nut and gaskets, not thread tape. Just search "meter coupling" to find the correct item. They are not in your typical hardware store, so you may need to buy online. They will also be lead-free brass that is safe and designed for plumbing systems.


    9 years ago

    A better option for the unions would have dielectric unions, to keep the dissimilar metals from contacting each other.

    photo-2013-05-13 1:48 PM.jpg

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the advice

    In this particular situation i used dissimilar metals because the prices. I never seen this conector in my country maybe ignorance.

    In my installation i used only copper but this installation was for a frien that asked me for low cost and funcionality.