Introduction: Water Propelled Rocket

After spending so much time on the “”,I am here with my first instructable . and in this instructable I am gonna show how to make a “water propelled rocket” ,along with the launcher, that goes 100ft up in the air.

Enough talking…..lets get started!!

Step 1: Gather the Material


¾ “ PVC pipe

· ¾ “ PVC endcaps X2

· ¾ “ PVC t-socket

· 2 to 4 empty soda bottles[ depends on the size of ur rocket]

· Plastic project file

· 8 to 10 zip ties

· PVC solvent cement

· Bicycle nozzle

· Epoxy adhesive

· Tape

· Burner or candle

· Bicycle pump


· Drill machine

· Plier

· Scissor

· Hackshaw

Step 2: Making the Rocket

For my

project I used 4 bottlesof 600ml.

Your choice depends on how big you want to make that rocket.

I forgot to click pictures while making the, I made drawings

Which will guide you to make it. If u don’t understand anythingthen don’t hesitate to ask via comment.

After step 7
wrap a plastic project file around your rocket to give it a smooth and straight surface.

And to make the nose, twist the plastic sheet(project file) in shape of a cone and tape it on the top most part of the rocket

Step 3: The Launcher

For the

launcher, cut the pvc pipe to length of 25” (or cut according to your need) using hackshaw.

Then measure and make a mark according to the length of ur rocket .

After the
marking, burn the pvc from where it is marked {see image]..when it will get loose then hold the pvc and move it in circular motion.

When it cools down you will see a bump in ur pvc pipe. This bump will act as a sealer for the rocket.

After that, join the 25” pipe to the one end of the T socket using pvc solvent cement.

Then cut two other pieces from the left over pvc.

· One 5” in length, & other

· 15” or 20” in length.

Then take 15” or 20” pvc pipe & cover its one end using one of the endcaps & seal it with pvc solvent cement

After that, take that sealed pipe & join its open end to the opposite end of the T-socket.

Now, to make the nozzle take another endcap & drill a in it of size of your bicycle nozzle.then attach the nozzle to the endcap.

Then,join the nozzled-endcap to your 5” pvc pipe. After doing that attach it to the left open end of the T-socket using pvc solvent cement.

And we are done!!

Yours launcher is ready!!

Step 4: The Trigger

Take 8 zip ties (or according to your need)

Place them one beside another, with their locks facing upwards, on the sticky side of the tape .

Then, take another piece of tape & stick both the tapes together {see image & drawing}.

Then, wrap it around the 25” pipe just below that bump or sealer!!

The locks should hold the neck of the bottle tightly!

After that, take a piece of 1 ½ “pipe and make a hole in its side and tie a strong thread to it!

Then insert 25” pipe to it and leave it just under the zip ties!!

And we are ready to launch!

Step 5: The Launch

Fill your rocket with ¼ of its capacity. Attach it to the trigger, pump air in it, pull the trigger and whoa!!

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Step 6:

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