Introduction: Water Resistant Motorcycle USB Charger - Under $10.

You'll need:

1. USB car charger(I got mine for $4.99).

2. LED flashlight(I got mine for free)

3. 2 hose clamps.

4. Some wire.

5. Soldering iron.

6. A drill.

Step 1: Disassemble Flashlight and a Charger.

1. Remove a battery from the flashlight.

2. Unscrew a '+' terminal from the charger.

3. Remove front cap from the charger.

Step 2: Cut Away Terminals

1. Remove spring.

2. Right where your spring is - that's a plus terminal

3. Remove minus terminal.

Step 3: Add a Power Cable.

1. Drill a hole in the flashlight case.

2. Poke a power cable through the hole.

3. Solder one wire to the MINUS terminal.

4. Solder additional wire to the PLUS terminal - this one will go to the switch.

5. Attach other wire from power cable to the switch.

Step 4: Solder Up a Switch and Assemble.

1. Solder two wires to the switch.

2. Put the charger back together(I used electric tape to hold it together).

3. Push the charger inside the flashlight case.

4. Put the flashlight case switch back on.

5. Add two hose clams - this will help you to mount it on the handlebar.

Step 5: Build Video.