Watercolor Leaf Print Bookmarks

Introduction: Watercolor Leaf Print Bookmarks

About: I'm a mixed media artist from Tacoma, WA. I love making bug/animal, sci-fi, and botanical art.

Timelapse video showing how I made these leaf print book marks.


Masking tape, clipboard, scissors or paper cutter, 140 Lb watercolor paper, watercolor paint, paint brushes, leaves

Step 1: Process

This time lapse video shows my process for making these bookmarks. You'll want to get watercolor paper either pre-cut or cut a sheet into your desired bookmark dimensions. I used a paper cutter to make 7 x 2 inch rectangles for my bookmarks.

Tape the edges of the paper to a board.

Paint down a watercolor base with your chosen colors, let dry.

Paint the undersides of your chosen leaves and use them as stamps on the paper.

When dry, take the tape off and admire your new bookmark!

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