Watercolor Mandala for Beginners + HELPFUL TIPS



Introduction: Watercolor Mandala for Beginners + HELPFUL TIPS

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If you are a beginner looking to learn about Mandala art form then this is the right place to be in.

Please watch the previous videos that I have uploaded and then watch this. It is a beginner level of drawing Mandalas and I teach you how to draw freehand Mandala without using tools because first, you need to get your basics right and have confidence in drawing a freehand Mandala and practice your Hand Gestures, Doodle and patterns


White sheet

Pencil & Eraser




Step 1: Prepare Background

The first step is to make a watercolor background on the white sheet that you have.

Creating the background is very easy if you don't want to make an Ombre background you can opt for a wash the watercolor look that can be achieved by just having diluting paint with water and swiping randomly across the paper

Step 2: Make Guidelines With Pencil

So once the background is dry start my marking guideline with the pencil

This is very important because you are a beginner and you need to first break your design with pencils we don't make up the background that you just worked hard on.

When you have your guidelines ready start making your design and then tracing it with the black market like I have shown the video

Step 3: Mark Intervals

At this point, I suggest you to mark interval points with a pencil so that you are able to equally part your pattern.

Making intervals will also help you determine where to start and end your pattern or Doodle

Step 4: Experiment With Mix Media

Since it is a watercolor Mandala art I am also using white paint to make my design intricate and delicate.

The white color that I am using lifts up the black pattern.

Step 5: Extend the Design

So I have made my main attraction my main design here and now I am going to extend this till the upper part of the page.

If you are unable to understand by these written steps that I have here please feel free to watch the video you will understand much better

I extended my design by making petal patterns and other small Doodles and this is how it turned out

So I have a whole series dedicated to how you can start making Mandala art if you are a beginner you can follow my Mandala Playlist and actually learn how to do with because it seems very complicated when you start but I have step-by-step videos to help you through it.

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