Introduction: Watercolour Abstract

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Hi there!

In this instructable I will be using water color paints to create an abstract painting which I hope you will like.

This isn't electronic like most of my projects , I thought I would try some art so here it goes!

Step 1: What You Will Need

To do this project you will need

  • Water color paints
  • a brush (that you don't care about)
  • A cup
  • water (to put in the cup)
  • A large piece of paper!

I used A2!


Step 2: Preparation

Prepare your water color paints

pick a few core colors and stick to them, it looks better this way

dampen your brush by filling the cup up with water

Now you can begin flicking!

Step 3: Flick ,flick,flick,flick,flick,flick,flick,flick,flick,flick

Now dip your brush in the color that you want and flick it onto the paper so that it splats out!


Do all of one color at once then move onto the next one!


Wash your brush in between flicks!

Step 4: Admire Your Work!

Sit back and look at your work

nice, isn't it?

It will take around half an hour to dry but you could use a hairdryer like I did!

Thanks for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it!

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