Watergate Salad



Introduction: Watergate Salad

This simple dessert is a mainstay at all family gatherings and holidays. Just four ingredients and a night in the fridge is all it takes.

Step 1: Ingredients

You only need four things:

One can of crushed pineappple

One bag of mini marshmallows

One box of pistachio pudding mix

One tub of whipped topping (Kool-whip)

Step 2: Mix It Up

Drain the pineapple and pour in a large bowl. Mix in the pudding mix

Add the Kool Whip and mix.

Finally, add the marshmallows and mix thoroughly.

It's important that you mix well as you add each ingredent. Things don't mix well if you just pour all four into a bowl and stir.

Step 3: Chill

I normally make this the night before. That way it has all night to sit in the fridge.

As it sits overnight, the marshmallows lose their chewiness and become more smooth and creamy.

This stuff never stays on the table long.


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    Question 2 years ago

    Looks delicious! Curious, why is it called Watergate Salad?


    Answer 2 years ago

    No idea. Maybe something to do with the Watergate hotel? That's just a guess. And it is delicious. After it sets in the fridge the texture of the mini marshmallows changes from firm and chewy to soft and squishy. I love it