Watering Can From Recycled Bottle DIY

Introduction: Watering Can From Recycled Bottle DIY

In this tutorial will be explained how to make a watering can using recycling materials. The main purporse consist on contribute with the environment and recycle a pet bottle, helping the environment, saving some Dollars/Euros/Pesos or any other currency. Have fun and in the meantime, help to save our planet.

Step 1: The Making of !!!

The required materials are:

- PET bottle, 4-6 liters aprox. (detergent, juice or water bottle)

- Welding pen

Using the welding pen, a hole (8x8 cm. aprox.) will be made above the handle, this hole will be used to fill the waterin can. Then with the tip of the welding pen, five holes will be made as shown in the picture. These five holes will redirect the water into the plants/flowers/trees.

Step 2: Look for a Thirsty Plant

After the watering can is ready, fill it with water and search a plant that needs water and place the watering can as shown in the picture. Now you have contributed with the environment. Thanks for watching/reading.

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