Introduction: Watering Can Makeover

About: I recently retired and I find I have so much time on my hands. I love DIY !! I love re purposing old unwanted items and making them functional and beautiful. I am currently remodeling my home.

I found this old galvanized watering can at the thrift store for just a couple of bucks. I finally got around to doing something with it!

Step 1: Adding Color!

I was going back and forth in my mind if I should paint stripes or do the gems. Well I had went to the dollar store a couple of days ago and picked up some more gems.After I sanded down the rust and gave it a good cleaning...I took it into the house. I started with a line going around the bottom edge. I dabbed on the glue half way around and started adding the gems

Step 2: Adding the Flowers

When I finished with that I started playing with the gems on the table.I decided to make flowers! So I made 3 on each side in the center of can. To keep it together while drying I used tape to keep them in place.As you can see above I added another line of gems around the top.

Step 3: Adding Crystals

This is how I added crystals to the spout. I unwrapped a paperclip and cut in half. (see below) Then I wrapped the end of a 3" piece of wire (seen below) around a small bead at top of crystal strand. I then wrapped the other end of wire around the paper clip... I then put some 'Goop' on the hook like end of paperclip, and stuck it through the spout hole. The glue keeps it in, along with the 'U' hook on paperclip.

And that was it! I hung it next to one of the hummingbird feeders.

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