Introduction: Watering Plants in Space.

We made our design based around the method the astronauts already had. So,instead of manually injecting water into the plant pillows, our design would do it with mechanical syringes. Our design can hold up to 2 gallons of water in total and will inject the water periodically into the plant pillows

Materials needed
5 plant pillows

2 gallons of water

5 mechanical syringes

2 LED lights that are 50 inches long

Step 1: The Shape

We choose the shape of a rectangle because we wanted to store as much water on the sides as possible so the astronauts wouldn't need to refile it that often.

The length is 50 cm

The width is 45 cm

Step 2: The Water Tanks

The water tanks will be located at the sides of the model , with tubes to connecting them to mechanical syringes . The 2 water tanks can each hold 1 gallon.

Step 3: The Mechanical Syringes

In order to water the plants , our design will use mechanical syringes to push water into the 5 plant pillows. They’re connected to the water tanks by a tube. Under every plant pillow is a mechanical syringe to push water into it’s plant pillow.

The syringes are four by six.

Step 4: The Plant Pillows

The plant pillow will be connected to the mechanical syringe by the tip of the syringe.

Step 5: Benefits of Our Design

The main benefit of our design is that it waters all the plants with a push of a button. Unfortunately to make room for the water tanks we had to get rid of one plant pillow, but we make up for it in efficiency. There's most likely lots of important things to do up in the space station and they probably don't want to be wasting time watering plants. Hopefully are design will help them save time while still being able to grow plants in space.