Introduction: Watermelon-Fruit-Cake and a Small Extra at the End

It is summer, it is hot, but there is a birthday coming up?

Everyone is on a diet to keep their bikini-shape? But you want cake?


Here is the ultimate no carb, no fat, no bake, totally healthy and yummy summer cake!

And the best thing? With the leftovers you can pimp your drinks or make watermelon-ice!

So Let's get started!!!

Step 1: What You Need

What you need is... a melon.

No need to be watermelon, you can use others too, but I only eat watermelon. So mine is a watermelon.

It needs to be whole, and the bigger it is, the bigger your cake can be.

You also need a lot of fruit! All kinds you want. They are for decorating.

Also you will need a sharp knife, maybe a cutting-board, a plate, a peeler (if you have apples or something like that involved), you can use cookie-cutters to give your fruit some shape, something the height you want your cake to be, and something round the width you want your cake to be.

We will start with...

Step 2: Get Started!

All you need for the first step is:

Your Watermelon and a sharp knife!

We start with peeling our watermelon carefully. I noticed there is a entry with how to do this correctly, but my way with gently cutting away the green and white parts will do. (If you use another melon, you just cut away the skin of your melon, everything that's not eatable or not tasty.)

Peel the melon all around and we can get on to the next step!

Step 3: Cutting!

Alright! Now we will get the Melon in cake-shape!

My first try was a levelled cake, and you can do this of course. This melon was too small for a levelled cake though.

So you chose how wide your cake will need to be, chose the right place to cut to gain the width and cut straight down to level it. Turn it on the levelled side and take the tool that has the same height as you want your cake to be. I used the ring of a cake-form. Level the cake at that height by cutting straight along the height-line.

The two pieces we have cut off can now be put aside. We will use them later for the watermelon-cubes. If you don't want cubes, you can eat them of course.

If you want to make a level-cake, you take the bigger cap we just cut off and level it again, repeating the steps we just did with the main layer. Then you take the smaller cap and repeat as well. TaDa! Three layers!

Alright... Our melon is still edgy and has no nice cake-shape, right? And there are still some white spots.

That's where the tool comes in that has the same width as you want your cake to be. Place it on top of your cake. (In my case I used a small plate.) Carefully cut down the side around your object to smoothen the edges of your cake and turn it round(ish).

Put the cake in a plate you want it to serve it on, and off we go to the next step!

Step 4: Tutti Frutti!

Now take your fruit!

Wash the ones you do not peel, peel the ones you do not wash... Or whatever... Just make sure they are save to eat...

Take your cutting-board, the sharp knife and start cutting your bigger fruit into slices. (See the Kiwi I started with.)

Small berries or pomegranate-seeds do not need cooking of course!

Now you can take your cookie-cutters and cut out some shapes of your flat fruit-pieces. I did that with my first watermelon-cake. It looks nice, but it's more work.

Let's start to put it all together!

Step 5: Decorating!

Alright! Now we start with the fun part! Decorating!

Take your creativity, take your melon-cake and your fruit and start decorating!

You can do whatever you want to do, and however your fruit will stick!

If you want you can use toothpicks to keep your creation in shape, but I didn't use any.

Isn't it pretty?

It's yummy too!

Make sure to keep it cool until you serve it!

Best served soon after making! It's fruit... It get's bad quickly.

Step 6: Watermelon Ice Cubes

As you might see, my watermelon is very, very tasty... My mom couldn't resist to taste it :D

Anyways,now take the caps we set aside earlier.

Cut them in bite-sized cubes (or whatever shape it turns out to be...) and put them in a freezer-fit container.

Put them in the freezer for a couple of hours and voila! Summer-fit melon-ice-cubes for your party-drink!

If you have a food-processor you can put the cubes in it and process them until they are shredded to tiny pieces. TaDa! Watermelon-Sorbet!

I hope you enjoyed my instructions! Have a tasty summer!

And please vote for me in the summer-food-competition if you liked my instructions!

Thank you a lot!

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