Watermelon Salsa

Introduction: Watermelon Salsa

During the summer months, watermelon is one of those delicious foods that always seems to be refreshing. Here is how to make a nice watermelon salsa to bring to a cookout, family gathering, or just to snack on to get a break from the heat.

Step 1: Watermelon Prep

Start by slicing your watermelon into quarters, or really any size that in manageable for you; a neat trick is if you slice it down the seam, you can cut around the seeds (just a fancy little trick). After you cut your melon up, go ahead and chunk up everything but the rinds and take the seeds out of it. Place it in a large bowl that can be used for mixing later on.

Step 2: Additional Vegetables

For one watermelon, you will want about 3 or 4 serrano peppers, 4 jalapeno peppers, and 1 white onion. Dice up all of them and throw them in the same bowl as the prepared watermelon. If you do not like extremely spicy foods, you can take the seeds and veins out of the peppers and still enjoy the taste with less spice in the salsa.

Step 3: Flavorizing the Salsa

After all of the other vegetables are mixed in, grab some garlic powder and some ground cumin and spread on to taste. If the salsa is still too spicy at this point, a trick is to use garlic to counteract the spiciness of the peppers. After that, go ahead and sprinkle on some salt because salt will bring out the sweetness of the watermelon. When that is done dice up some cilantro, remembering to not take the stalks off of it but rather bend it in half and dice it from there (much better flavor). Mix it all up and remember to taste as you go along so you can add flavor if it is needed.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Mix up everything and let it chill in the refrigerator (if you can) before serving. This size feeds upwards of 6 hungry people and is a big hit around here in both cookouts and family meals.

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