Introduction: Watermelon Jello Shot Slices

Jello shots are fun to make, and even more fun to eat... the only problem is the size! The shots are always so small, and you inevitably end up having to use your finger to scoop half the jello out of the cup! (gross!)

Problem solved! Now you can beat the heat and party on with Watermelon jello shot slices! These are great on a hot day!

You'll need:
-a small watermelon
-Jolly Rancher watermelon jello mix
-small pot
-1 cup of boiling water
-1/2 cup vodka (or drink of choice)
-1/2 cup watermelon water
-large spoon
-wire strainer
-measuring cup

You can try out a few awesome jello flavors with the Jolly Rancher Gelatin Mold Kit. The kit includes Green Apple, Watermellon, Blue Raspberry and Cherry flavors!

Step 1: Hollow Out the Watermelon

Cut the watermelon in half, then scoop out the insides of both halves into a bowl. be sure to get as close as you can to the rind.

Step 2: Save the Watermelon Juice and Add Vodka

The jello recipe calls for water.... but it would be a shame to let all that watermelon water go to waste!

Place a strainer over a measuring cup, and pour the juice from the bowl into it.
Just by scooping the melon into a bowl, i was able to get over a cup without even pressing the watermelon flesh. (You only need 1/2 a cup of the juice.)

Now add a half cup of vodka or your prefered drink to the half cup of juice, and set aside in another cup.

Step 3: Mix It Up

Add a cup of boiling water to the jello mix. Stir it until the mix is completely dissolved. Add the juice/vodka to the mix and stir.

Step 4: Scoop, Freeze, and Enjoy!

Scoop the mix into a watermelon bowl, and set in the freezer.
(I know it's supposed to be refrigerated, but I was impatient, and the partially frozen gelatin was amazing!)

Take it out of the freezer in a couple of hours, slice, and enjoy with a friend!

Eat responsibly, and be sure to check out my Margarita Watermelon Wedges!

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