Introduction: Watermelon Pig

I saw a picture of a watermelon pig in a magazine and Had to try it!
it's fun and easy to make! It's so Cute and delicious! and others love it!!!

Step 1: What You Will Need

hat you will need:

a knife
a watermelon
an ice cream scoop
something to carve with
some punch straws

Step 2: Start Cutting

Step 2. Cut off one end of the watermelon and stick two toothpicks an inch apart

Step 3: Clean Him Out

Step 3.Cut a square off the top of your watermelon.

Step 4. Clean it out with your ice cream scoop.

Step 4: Add the Ears!

Step 5. cut out a 2 inch circle out of you watermelon and attach it to your two toothpicks and then... cut two ears out of remaining watermelon square with the remaining of the square cut out 4 pig looking hooves and also make a hole in the back  and  stick a punch straw in for the tail.

Step 6. carve out it's eyes with the carving tool.
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