Introduction: Waterproof Fire Starter From Re-used Egg Cartons

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Ever want to start a fire, and the wood you have just won't light? Well, this is the solution for you. All you need is old junk, (egg carton, sawdust, wax [Eg, candle wax from an old candle, or paraffin wax]) and you can turn it into a (sort of) valuable fire starter.

Disclaimer: you still need matches to light the starter. This just helps get the fire bigger.

Here's how:

Step 1: Find Supplies

Gather the egg carton: make some scrambled eggs if needed. (Make sure the cartons are the compressed paper ones)
Dig up some old candle stubs, or, if you don't have any, paraffin wax works well too.
Cut up some wood for the sawdust. if you don't have sawdust, paper shreds should work well, as well.

Step 2: Start Construction

Ok, so it's not quite that exciting, but you get the idea.
Start filling the egg carton (not the lid) with sawdust. Press it tight and keep adding and pressing sawdust until you can't add any more.

Step 3: Time for the Wax

Melt the wax. We used a coke can as a crucible to melt the wax, with a hot dog roasting stick to hold it. This worked well, but you could put the can in a pot of boiling water to melt the wax as well. Then I poured it over the sawdust, until it was covered. Once it is mostly dried, you might find it helpful to press it again, just to keep it in there, but this isn't very important. Once the wax is completely dry, cut the individual pieces out. Melt more wax, and cover the bottom. It would help to dip them in the wax, but I poured it over the starter. If you pour it, make sure you do it over a lid, (egg carton lid would do) so you can prevent a mess, and take the wax out and melt it again. Your fire starter should be finished.

Step 4: Make FIRE!

Light it, and put it under the kindling of your fire.
The flames of the match melt the waterproof wax, lights the egg carton or saw dust, and burns for quite a while, helping to light the fire. The lid also would work well as a tray to store your fire starters as well.

Suggestions welcome!