Introduction: Waterproof GoPro Ring Light

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As a surfer, I often find myself out in the water after the sun goes down.

As a filmmaker, I'm always looking for a new or interesting way to shoot.

In another GoPro related project, I decided to see if I could waterproof a ring-light to get better shots after dark. Normally, after dark you'll be lucky just to get a backlit frame or two like the purple one here. I was hoping that with the ring light, I could get some footage that was properly lit without the direct sun. Unfortunately, the end product was finicky, blinding, didn't last more than one session.

I did however, get one usable clip with an interesting look.

Step 1: Build the Ring-Light

When attempting this project, I purchased the following items:

Basic GoPro Ringlight -

Waterproof Battery Holder -

Since the ring light is USB powered, it was a simple thing to hook up the battery pack to the light and tape it to the rear of the GoPro's water housing.

Now that the battery pack was in the way, keeping it attached was then an issue, so I replaced the velcro strap with two zip-ties.

The last thing to note is that while many of these ring lights are sold as waterproof, they absolutely are not. Seeing that that was they case, I pulled apart the light and filled it with clear silicone gel.

Step 2: Go Surfing

Now go surf! If you're lucky, the ring light will last the whole session and you'll get some clips like this one.