Introduction: Kiss Principle Waterproof Laminated Maps

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Although some might moan, Maps are very important and also the skill to use them.
Here is a method to make some waterproof and foldable maps. One method is to get

sticky back plastic like used for covering school books, on the one side easy but also

Hell if you stick a bit together by mistake!

So here is a method using Laminating for the basis.
You need some actual maps (or downloaded maps), a Computer, a Scanner/Printer

Step 1: TOOLS, Bits & Bobs

To start off with you need your map, either real or Internet what ever.

And your Tools, Computer, Scanner, Printer, Photo paper, Laminating device,

A4 Laminating pouches, Corner cutter, Scissors, clear Sticky Tape.

Step 2: Printing, Cutting

First off either you have a map from Internet or scan your

map or area that you are interested in. Then print it out

using Photo paper, (this makes it more accurate and

the colours stand out better then using normal paper)

Then cut the page into "pocket" sized pieces and also

cut any uneccassary white edging.

Step 3: Putting It Back Together

now layout your map in the correct order but leave a bit of space between the pieces. These are the put

in the A4 pouches and Laminated (still with the spaces between them) Once Laminated you can cut the pieces

out and cut back the limination (a little!) The outer corners can be cut with the cutting tool so they don´t catch anywhere in your pockets etc. Then take your trusty clear Sticky tape and stick the pieces together leaving

enough distance to be able to fold it, also use tape on both sides to ensure a bit more waterproof and stronger.

Step 4: Folding Finish

Well now you can fold your map in various ways, and it should be noted that form

one piece to the other (over the clear tape) is no problem to read and the map is

relative waterproof, maybe after a bit of wear and tear you may have to replace the

clear tape, or you can pay out some cash at and buy a map

on textile. However I think for a quick make my method is ok keeping in line with the KISS


(map picture at the intro from )

Thanks for looking, I´ll get back with another Instructable soon.