Introduction: Waterproof Matches - 5 Sec/match to Do ! Easy Tutorial

Follow the steps below to create this. Its very easy.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

For this tutorial you will need :

  1. Matches ( of course )
  2. Lighter
  3. Candle
  4. Some creativity

Step 2: Making of ...

So once you have all the materials above, you have to light the candle and let it burn for a few seconds then take a match in dip it into wax and then in a bowl or glass with water to cool down.

Thats it , there is nothing fancy , just an easy and fast way then other tutorials to do it !

Don`t forget to chek the video where I show exactly How I do it.

For a whole matches box it could take you maybe around 5 minutes or less. Its very easy .

Check my video on how to do it :