Introduction: Waterproof Pocket-Sized Headset/Earphone/Earphone Carrying Case

Do you ever get tired of your tangled headset cables when you take them out from your pocket or bags? Or do you ever worry about carrying them while you running through the heavy rain? Then these steps will help you out.

Firstly, of course you will need your own headset.

Second, you will need a case for it that's waterproof. Just a simple one, like candy container, that you can get it at your local markets.

For mine, I use Lotte's Xylitol Gum that sold in my region. You can buy it here :

Alternatively, you can also use M&M's Minis Candy container, you can get it here :

Of course you will need to move the candies out to other container, or you can eat it all out first then clean the container after that.

Here we go !

Step 1: Start From the Tip (3.5mm Jack)

Take the tip of your headset, the 3.5mm jack. Put it in between your middle finger and ring finger like in the picture.

Step 2: Get Into the Metal Sign

After getting it between your fingers, fold your middle and ring finger inside, getting the jack locked up there.

Then let your forefinger and pinkie finger forming a metal sign like so.

Step 3: Start Winding the Cable

Take the cable that goes out from the middle and ring finger with your other hand, and start rolling them into the forefinger like in the first picture.

After rolled up on your forefinger, roll it into your pinkie finger with crossing direction from the forefinger. Look at the 2nd and 3rd picture.

Step 4: Roll It All the Way Up

Just roll your headset all the way until all of it is forming like '8' number on your fingers, like the last picture.

Step 5: Taking It Off

After done all the way up, pinch the crossing section of it with your other hand, and take it off from your pinkie and forefinger. Keep it on your hand like the last picture, and don't let it go.

Step 6: Getting It Into the Container

Firstly, of course you have to open the container lid.

You should get the tip of the jack first that goes into the hole. (first pic)

Then start to pushing it all the way to the bottom, leaving the buds out. (3rd pic)

After that, you can put the buds in, with the buds section in formerly. Look at 4th and 5th pic.

The result should look like the 6th picture, and finally, you're ALL DONE !

You can close the lid now.

Step 7: How to Get the Headset Out ?

Open the lid first, then you can do the steps above but in reverse. Get the buds out first, then the cables. Just unstrangle it by holding the buds and the 3.5mm jack apart. You will find it amazing when you take it out without tangled cables. Magic happens.


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