Introduction: Waterproof Bicycle Basket

I'm Kiki and I'm a student from the The Make Class

I got a new bike, and I really want a cheap but pretty basket for it.

But because I life in Holland, and it rains a lot, I want to make it waterproof, so I can use it here all year...

Step 1: Equipment

First you need a basket that can fold in and out.
It would also be nice if the basket had handlebars so you can take it with you is you so shopping at the supermarket.

And the equipment to make it work...

Step 2: Making the Sides Waterproof

The 2 short sides are going to be water proof al the time + the lowest piece of the backside.

When you fold the basket in you see the inside of the 2 short sides. Tape the inside of the plastic in with very strong double sided tape. Than place a big piece of tarpaulins tight on the surface. Than cut the extra tarpaulins of with a cutting knife.
So the tarpaulins will have the right size and is tight and waterproof on the basket. Do this on both sides and on the lowest piece of the backside.

For the finishing touch you can tape some black electrical tape at the edges on the outside of the basket. So everything stays tight and waterproof,

See pictures:

Step 3: Magnets

Befor you fold the basket back, you have to hide the magnets inside of it. You have to make sure that the magnets are small but strong!

Because you can fold the 2 short sides in and out, you can hide the magnets in it. There is some invisible space onder the border of the basket. You just put 1 magnet on both sides in the middle of the basket.

On the backside you can click the plastic side out. And also there you can hide some magnets. You have to put at least 3 magnets in, and click the backside back in.

Step 4: Making the "roof"

When it is starting to rain you can put on the roof of the basket. This is made of tarpaulin, the same super strong double sided tape and coins. And it is stuck on the bottom of the basket.

First you have to measure the size of the basket. In the length you have to take 2,5 times the shortest t side of the basket. In the width you have to take 1,5 times the longest side.

Than you place 3 pieces of double sided tape as you can see on the second picture. You take the plastic of the tape. Than you have to place the coins to the magnets, so the coins ar on the right spot and the will stick to each other. You than stick the tape to the coins and mark where they have to be. You take the tape back of and place the coins on the right spot. Than you can fold the plastic of the tarpaulin against the tape and cut the left overs of.

You do this on al the 3 sides.

Step 5: Attaching the Roof

Because you never know when it is going to rain, you have to make sure that you always have the roof with you. Just in case...

The best way to attach the roof is at the bottom, because the rain can't get there so we can use some more tape...

First turn the basket upside down and put some tape at the edge of the front side. But don't stuck tape over the holes, because we need them later on.
Than place the plastic so that it is right at the top and the coins are stuck to the magnets. Than stuck to plastic tight to the tape. The remained plastic you can cut of with a cutting knife.

But make sure that where the holes are you don't cut the plastic! So there will be 3 strokes of plastic still attacht tot the rest. Than you take a stroke of plastic and you put them in a hole. so it will come out on the inside of the basket. Do this with all the 3 strokes.

On the bottom side it is now tight and clean. But on the inside of the basket we have to tape the 3 strokes tight to the bottom with some black electrical tape. Than cut of the remaining pieces of plastic.

Step 6: Hiding the Roof

Because it does not rain all the time, you can hide the roof.
To do that you have to attach 2 buttons at the front with a knot of a rope. Than you can fold the plastic from the top all the way down to the bottom of the basket.

Than take the same rope and make a noose around the button and pull it tight down. Then we are gonna use the holes in the bottem. You pull the rope trough there and make a knot at the back of the plastic below the button.

Step 7: It's Finished!

You are done!
All you have to do now is attach the basket to your bike, and you are ready to go!

To make sure you bicycle basket is waterproof, you can test it like I did...

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