Introduction: Boxcar

How to make a boxcar out of a barrel.

Step 1: Parts and Equipment

You will need;
1 big butt (barrel)
We got this water butt (see pictures) from a strange place in the Forest of Dean. It was only a tenner as it was second hand; it used to hold BBQ sauce in. Turns out it still had 3 buckets of BBQ sauce in for first thing we did was empty it and wash it. I smelly saucy. I recommend any kind of plastic barrel for this boxcar
4x wheels
We used wheel barrow wheels. Make sure you can pump these up properly if you use them (you don't want to be riding on flat tires)
1 sheet of ply wood
Sized appropriately for the base of your barrel
2x 2 by 4
Two bits of wood cut to the length of your barrel
2x threaded steal rod
For the axel so they must be significantly longer than the width of the barrel
4x hollow steel poles
You need two different sizes. One goes over the threaded pole and one over that again to strengthen the axel. We used 2 washing line poles. Each needs to be just longer than the width of the barrel and all the same size.
16 nuts
To thread round the threaded pole so make sure they fit
6 bolts
To bolt the barrel to the inner base
6 big washers
Must thread onto the bolts
Some screws - more than 10 and less that 30 will do
For screwing the 2x4 to the ply wood
Plastic Tubing
There clip over the edges of the barrel to protect the rider from the sharp edges, not necessary but certainly safer
Some Rope
To pull it with
Plenty of Water Pistols
To make it into a WATERslide... yup that works

Jigsaw or hand saw (although your hands may get tired)
To cut the metal to size
2 x Spanners
Or wrenches if you want to call them that. You'll need 2 to tighten the nuts against each other
For drilling, different sized bits needed
Electric = loads less effort
For cutting the plastic tubing and rope
My Pa helped me make this because I'm 24 and still not allowed to use power tools (and cos he's way good at this stuff and I'm a liability). But seriously, this requires adults with power tools.

Step 2: Step 1 - Cut Butt

Cut hole in water butt
We cut a hole in the top using a saw and jigsaw. We made the top hole bit 400mm wide and a bit up from the middle. We wanted to keep it looking quite circular (to look like a waterslide but also fit people in. This seemed to be the right amount.

Step 3: Step 2 - Make Base

Make the base
The base fits in the bottom of the barrel to carry the weight of the person inside without bending the barrel, chassis or axel. It's made by screwing two bits of 2x4 to some ply wood. We cut the edges of the ply wood off so it fitted neatly in the bottom of the barrel and arranged the 2x4 so it wouldn't lift up the base. We then screwed the 2x4 to the ply wood and drilled 2 holes in each 2x4 to make a hole for the axel (making sure they both line up).

As my dad always say's; measure twice cut once! I would tell you the measurements of it all but I'm sure it won't be the same.

Drill axel holes in the barrel
We marked out the right place for the axel holes by placing the base in a measureing. We then drilled the holes them really big to allow for discrepencies.

Attach base to barrel
We then bolted the barrel to the base in 3 places each side making sure to bolt through the 2x4 and not the ply wood so the person sitting in is nice and secure but doesn't have bolts in there bum.

Step 4: Step 3 - Make Axels

Cut metal to size
The threaded metal pole needs to be long enough to fit the wheels on comfortably so the do not stick out too far or touch the sides + two bolts long. Cut these to a precise size using the grinder.

The 4 bits of hollow metal need to be this length;
Threaded metal pole minus 8 bolt minus 2 wheels. Do the maths yourself and then cut all the hollow poles the same size.

Here is a picture of my dad cutting the metal. As you can see there are lots of sparks so make sure you are wearing protective gear.

Step 5: Step 4 - Attach Wheels

Thread Axels
Knock the hollow axels through the holes in the barrel and base until they are precisely level both sides. Thread the threaded pole through the centre and thread 2 nuts, 1 wheel and 2 nuts on both sides in that order. We added a washer on both sides too but it's probably not always necessary. Make sure the wheels are the right way round (the air nozzle thingie goes on the outside).

Tighten up
Each set of two nuts are locking nuts to secure the whole thing in place. Tighten alternate nuts in place to secure the whole thing. The Axel shouldn't move, the wheels should move round the axel. Make sure the whole thing is super secure.

Attach Axel in place
When you are happy you have wheels and axels in the right place and tightened to the max then you can secure the axel to the base with some carefully placed screws (so they screw through the base, through the 2x4 and into the edge of the axels either side of the poles). This can be tricky so measure measure measure!

Step 6: Step 5 - Finnishing Touches

Add the tubing
Firstly cut the tubing the the length of each edge of the barrel then cut this down the middle. These then just clip over the top of the barrel all the way round to round off the edges.

Add a rope
We attached a rope the the front of it to drag it along. This might not be nessissary but it sure is useful. We secured the rope with fire (see picture).

Pump up tires
Pump them up before you get in yeah?

Step 7: Play!

Right now your waterslide boxcar is ready to take for a spin!

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