Introduction: Wave Demonstrating Machine

First, every project starts with a problem, and here we can see our problem which is that we should make an machine that demonstrate waves using mathematical functions , then we focused on the constrains which were is to use MDF Wood and PLA (which is a type of plastic used in the 3D printers)

definitions we need to understand:


A wave is an oscillation that travels through space and is described by its frequency, amplitude, wavelength and speed

2.superposition principle: for all linear system, the net response caused by 2 or more stimuli is the sum of the responses that would have been caused by stimulus individually

3.simple wave: a wave with constant state

Step 1: Materials That We Used

So these are the materials which we needed to build our prototype

Step 2: STL Files and Pictures of the Parts

each file is placed after the picture of it

PS:(the first part has 2 pieces)

and for the plate which is the base we printed it using cnc machine .

Step 3: Assembly

then we have assembled the parts together to check if they fit in the right places

Step 4: Finalizing

we sand papered the parts so that it can fit perfectly

Step 5: Testing the Machine