Wave Made Out of Plastic Bottles

Introduction: Wave Made Out of Plastic Bottles

About: My name is Blake, I make things for a living. I love experimenting with new materials to create sculptures, furniture and everything in between.

In collaboration with Hyundai and Loyola Marymount University, this recycled bottle wave was created to promote the new hydrogen based lineup of cars. This event was held on the campus of Loyola Marymount University and was created with the help of students and faculty.

Step 1: Weld Armature

The first step is to use 1x1" square tubing to create the platform and frame of the wave. I then used 1/8" steel wires to layout the framing of the wave. I ended up weaving over 200 yards of steel to make a very durable, intricate steel frame in order to attach the plastic bottles to.

Step 2: Make Wooden Surfboard

I shaped out a wooden surfboard using 3/4" plywood. I then welded brackets from the base of the structure on the underside of the surfboard. The surfboard and framing had to be extremely tough and durable because students will be standing on the platform.

Step 3: Paint All the Steel / Surfboard

I painted everything white so it contrasts better once the recycled plastic bottles are attached.

Step 4: Attach Bottles to the Steel Frame Using Cable Ties.

I attached thousands of recycled plastic bottles to the frame by drilling a small hole in each bottle, then weaving a cable tie through. I had a lot of help from students and faculty to make this an interactive experience that everyone could enjoy being a part of. It was really fun to watch this wave go from a metal structure to a filled out plastic wave.

Step 5: Surf It!!!

Once I felt the wave was appropriately filled in with bottles, the only thing left to do was surf it for a great photo opportunity!

Stay stoked!

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    2 years ago

    Nice work!