Introduction: Wave Plotter

  • We were asked to provide a sound wave protester. Angles: 0, 90, 180, 270, 360 °.
    Some definitions you may want to know:

    The principle of superposition: when it changes

    Calculate wavelength, time, and frequency using the following sine: wavelength = 2pi (m) time = 1 / frequency = 1 / 2pi

    Sound Wave plotter

Step 1: Fabrication

  • First, you need to use the lab machines to fabricate parts. The machines we used are a 3D Printer and a CNC Machine. Here are the parts and their diameters

Step 2: The Arm

  • This picture shows the arm of the machine. You will need to use solid works to design it and a 3D Printer to make it

Step 3: Fitting

  • Next up, after designing the arm you will need to start making the fitting. You will need to follow the dimensions

Step 4: Pen Holder Handle

  • And for the third part, you will need to make the pen holder handle

Step 5: Pen Holder

  • After that, you will need to design the pen holder using solid works and 3D printer to print it it

Step 6: The Plate or the Base of the Machine

  • Next, you will need to design the base with the giving dimensions. and save file dxf

Step 7: The Rotary

  • Finally, you will need to design the rotary or the disk and 3D printer print it

Step 8: Assembly

How to Bild it?

Step 9: Final Prototype

  • this was our final prototype result which was success