WaveForms™ Analog Discovery™ on Zybo

Introduction: WaveForms™ Analog Discovery™ on Zybo

This instructable provides instructions how to setup WaveForms-3 application on Zybo using Xillinux.

The WaveForms application is the interface for the instrumentation products: Analog Discovery and Electronics Explorer. These incorporate oscilloscope, logic analyzer, arbitrary waveform and digital generators, power supplies.

Needed hardware:

  • Digilent products:
    • Zybo (Xilinx ZYNQ) with micro SD card
    • Analog Discovery or Electronics Explorer
  • Powered USB hub
    • Mouse and Keyboard
  • HDMI or VGA monitor

Step 1: ​Setup Linux

Please refer to the licensing terms of Xillybus Xillinux and Xilinx Vivado.

Linux image

Download xillinux-1.3.img.gz

Extract and copy this image to SD card.

On Windows the Win32 Disk Imager application can be use for writing to the card.

This image, now the SD card, has two partitions. The second partition contains the Linux. The first, boot partition is FAT. From Windows only this partition is visible. We will have to copy tree more files to this.

Boot files

Download: xillinux-eval-zybo-1.3b.zip

Copy the boot.bin and devicetree.dtb form ZIP file bootfiles directory to the root of first partition of the SD card.

Zynq hardware

Download the prebuilt xillydemo.bit or generate it as described in the following manual: xillybus_getting_started_zynq.pdf

Copy the bit file to the first partition of the card.

Step 2: ​Start Linux

Eject the SD card from your computer and plug it in Zybo.
Make sure the JP5 is set to SD boot.


  • HDMI or VGA monitor
  • Power from USB or WALL 5V
  • Ethernet cable with internet access
  • Powered USB hub
    • Mouse & Keyboard
    • Analog Discovery or Electronics Explorer
  • Flip the power switch to ON position

Start the graphical interface on your Zybo by entering into the shell
$ startx

Step 3: ​Install Software

Download and install the following packages:

In case you have any question please visit the Digilent Forum.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    the anolog discovery comes with a software(waveform) for debugging,What is the benefit of coming across so many linux apps for the same purpose.

    Laszlo AttilaK
    Laszlo AttilaK

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Some of these applications are better than the other ones :)
    It is up to each user which one he likes more.

    This one, in collaboration with EE people and educational members, tries to be useful and take out the best of the device capabilities.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, welcome to the site!

    Thanks for sharing this great tutorial.