Introduction: Wavey American Flag From 2x4s

Determine how long and wide you want your flag then cut a template using a rounded edge over at the bandsaw. Once you have your template mark the waves on your 2x4s moving down the template an inch after each 2x4. This way you will get a wavy look and will help cut down on sanding.

Step 1: Flag Taking Shape

Once all 13 2x4s are cut you now have something that looks like a wavy flag. Let's move on...

Step 2: Carving Your Flag.

I HIGHLY advise you to do this outside your shop. I used the arborthech turbo plane and it did fast work on the carving. Just be careful and make sure you know how to use it. Practice on some scrap wood first for sure because if you apply to much pressure then you will eat to deep into the wood. Let the tool do the work! Once done with the turbo plane I went back with a palm sander and work up to 220 then used a small hand sander that was 400.

Step 3: Taping and Staining

This is the longest step for sure because you have to tape each strip twice. Just take your time and make sure the tape sticks over the humps. I used frog tape and Min-Wax stain. There was small amounts of bleed through but I went back with a dermal tool and touch it all up.

Step 4: Choose Your Finish

Here you can see the glossy finish. Thanks for looking and be sure to ask any questions you might have. God Bless America!

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