Introduction: Wax Melts!!

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So as you may know from looking at my other instructables I love quick and easy but fun projects. So for this one I decided to create some wax melts from left over candle wax.
What you will need:
- An old candle
- Cupcake cases
- Matches

Step 1: Step One!!

The first step is so easy, All you need to do is light an old candle and let the wax melt, If you no longer have a wick in the candle you can melt the wax using a saucepan.

Step 2: Step Two

Once you think that the wax has melted enough blow out the candle and quickly and carefully pour the hot wax in to the cupcake case. If you think that there isn't enough wax in the case you can always add more to it later one you have heated some more up.

Step 3: Step Three

Once you have poured the wax in to the case let it cool down until it is completely solid, this should take around 20 minuets

Step 4: Step Four

Once the melt has completely cooled down you can then remove the wax from the case.

Step 5: They Are Done!!!

And there you have it you can now put these in to your holders and melt them!! I really hope that you enjoy this project and any feedback you can give would be really helpful. Please like and vote this instructable and also follow me to see what projects I upload in the future.
Thanks for reading :)

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