Waxing Wine Bottles




Introduction: Waxing Wine Bottles

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An amateur attempt at waxing the bottles of my homemade wine.

Step 1: Getting Started

After 2 years of making homemade wine I'm finally ready to start giving away bottles to friends and family. In order to dress up the bottles I decided to coat the bottle tops in wax. This instructable will follow me on the process of doing this.

First step is to gather the materials.

1. Bottle seal wax
-LD Carlson burgundy
purchased at my local home
brew shop

2. Wide mouth pint glass jar

3. Small pot

4. Something to stir the wax with
while melting
-I used a colored pencil

5. Butter knife

6. Razor blade

7. Tea light candle

8. Wax stamp

Step 2: Melting the Wax

1. Fill the jar 3/4 full of the wax
beads. When dipping the bottle it
will displace wax. Be sure not to
overfill. You can always add more.

2. Place jar in center the of the pot.

3. Add water to the pot. I attempted to match the water level in the pot to the
level of the wax in the jar. Make sure
the jar isn't floating.

4. Place on stoveburner at a medium heat, stirring occasionally until the wax is melted. This may take over an hour.

Step 3: Pre Waxing Corks

Just dipping bottles in hot wax may create a void that may hold moisture and allow things to grow. In this step we'll add a small amount of wax to the top of the bottles to prevent this.

1. Using butter knife, scoop a small
amount of wax onto the top of the
2. Allow wax to dry for a minute.
3. Using the razor blade, cut the
excess wax around the top of the

Step 4: Waxing the Bottle

1. Dip the wine bottle into the wax until
no cork is visible.
2. When removing the bottle from the
wax, tilt the bottle sideways and
slowly spin.
3. When the wax looks smooth dip the waxed portion of the bottle in a cool bowl of water.
We now have waxed bottles!

Step 5: Stamping the Wax

I decided to decorate my wax a bit with a wax stamp. Practice makes perfect in this step and I still need a lot of practice.

1. Using the tea light candle, warm the
wax on the top of the bottle.

2. Quickly and steadily press the stamp onto the wax. Leaving it there for a minimum of 30 seconds. This will allow the wax to harden and prevent smearing the wax.

I hope this instructable has helped. Enjoy your wine!

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    Question 3 years ago

    سلام دوست عزیز مومی که شما استفاده کردید رو ایران موجود نداره آیا موم عدسی معمولی اپیلاسیون هم میشه برای موم کاری بطری استفاده کرد فرقی با موم کارلسون نداره


    7 years ago

    It's not better to warm up the stamp instead of the wax ?! Just my opinion ^_^


    Reply 7 years ago

    I was concerned with the stamp retaining heat and preventing the wax from setting. I couldn't find any guidance on stamping bottle wax so everything I tried was based on sealing envelopes with wax. I plan on practicing different techniques and I'll update as I find better ways. Thank you for the shared idea.


    7 years ago

    Great instructable, your seal is great where did you get it?


    Reply 7 years ago

    I bought the seal from Amazon. They have many different designs.


    Reply 7 years ago