Introduction: We All Make Mistakes

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This is my Vault Boy FAIL!

I don't have a step by step on this look because let's be real... NO ONE WOULD RE-CREATE THIS! Haha.

Step 1: Why?

You see as an artist or a body painter specifically I like to try to step out of my comfort zone and try new things.. The thing is this may not ALWAYS work out for the best.. As shown in the picture above I failed quite horribly.

Step 2: How?

How did I fail? Well in looking at the picture next to the original vault boy you can tell my lines are not sharp enough, my face is no where near the right shape, and frankly I look wired as hell.

Step 3: What Do You Do Next?

Laugh! Enjoy your failure because EVERYONE messes up!

LOOK AT ME! I LOOK SILLY! Why did I even thing it would work? No idea, but I'm glad I tried!

You should always try! Because you never know until you do. =)

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