Introduction: Weaponized Water Bottle

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Fifty years ago in South America there was not a lot of law enforcement. A couple of bullies were terrorizing a pueblo. They took what ever they wanted and intimidated everyone but an old stooped man. He carried over his shoulder a used feed sack. The bullies were always curious what prized possession he always had with him. One evening they found him walking alone and approached him demanding he give them his sack. He told them it was not anything they wanted. They tried to snatch his sack and he dropped his shoulder and swung the sack hitting them both in the head in one smooth swing. He instantly killed the two bullies with the old rock he carried in that sack.

It is with great reservations that I post this project. I am sure I will now have trouble passing security on my next flight. My email will be on the top NSA list. There may be new executive orders to not allow socks and water bottles on airplanes. Sorry if that happens.

Learning this non threatening water bottle trick could someday protect you.

The metal water bottle weighs about the same as hammer. The ancient mace, nun chucks and a rock in gunnysack are all the same concept.

Step 1: Supplies

Three feet of para-cord

Full Metal Jacketed water bottle (fill the bottle after you pass through security)

Clean sock

Optional dirty sock if you are a macho dude.

Step 2: Tie a Loop

Create a loop in 3 feet of para-cord with a figure 8 knot. I am sure you have already figured this out. This is not, "rock ,"science tie any kind of knot you want.

Step 3: Secure to Water Bottle.

Pass loop through hole in lid and pass figure 8 knot through loop. Pull knot to secure cord to bottle. Sorry to be so boring. Please think of funny joke and smile. I know you are waiting for the SLOW MOTION.

Practice looking casual with a water bottle hung over your shoulder. You can hide it with a scarf or sweater hung over your back. If it is summer try wearing a Speedo. If you walk through an airport or library wearing a Speedo nobody will notice the water bottle.

Step 4: Failures and Observations.

The aluminum bottle was only good for one time use when the lid popped off. The bottle in a sock was much more durable but makes it harder to look casual.

Put the sock on the full metal jacketed stainless steel bottle tie the para-cord around the bottle near the top. Now fold the sock down over the cord and look cool. Pretend the sock is a water bottle cozy. To arm the weapon pull out the cord and slide up the sock over the top of the bottle.

Step 5: Success

You have now defended yourself from any overpriced gallon of bottled water.

It will be fun to see everyone on an airplane trying to look casual with water bottles hung on their back.

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