Wearable DODOcase Virtual Reality Viewer

Introduction: Wearable DODOcase Virtual Reality Viewer

We took our DODOcase to a nearby school to ask other students what they thought could be improved over the "base model;" and the overwhelming majority of students indicated they wanted a virtual reality viewer they didn't have to constantly hold. The following Instructable is our solution to meet this demand.

Step 1: Assemble Your DODOcase

Follow the instructions that are included with your DODOcase Virtual Reality Viewer to assemble your DODOcase VR viewer. They're simple and pretty easy to follow. Download a virtual reality app to your Android or Apple smart phone.

Step 2: Personalize Your VR Viewer

We solicited the opinions of students at a nearby school. Almost all of them indicated the cardboard exterior of the DODOcase was "boring." We removed the lenses from our DODOcase VR viewer and laid a black base coat down.

After the base coat dried completely, we took two different routes- almost like "skins" on a phone. We created one pink and black zebra striped DODOcase and one black and "electric green" DODOcase. We felt that one of these two designs would appeal to most people.

Step 3: Attach Head Strap

We saw a few DODOcase examples that had head-straps, but we didn't like that many of the examples we saw had a head-strap that runs right across the top of the users head. We opted to take the straps off of a pair of ski goggles and attach them to the sides of our DODOcases. We found that an adhesive coupled with staples worked better than simply using an adhesive. The ski goggles straps are nice because they're already designed to be adjustable; and they're nice and wide, providing more comfort than many other options.

Step 4: Adding a Bit of Comfort

The feedback we gathered also strongly indicated that we needed to find a solution for the potentially uncomfortable feeling of cardboard being pressed against ones' nose and forehead. Seeing as how we'd already taken the straps off of two pairs of ski goggles, we opted to use the foam padding from the same goggles to address the issues of comfort. We padded the DODOcase where it presses up against our forehead and the bridge of our nose.

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