Introduction: Wearable Herb Garden

Make and Wear a Cute Herb Garden!

I love all things miniature, and I really wanted to try using my recently purchased Protopasta Glitter PLA for something!

I will show how I modeled the tiny box in Onshape, 3D Printing then putting it together. The entire process was super quick and easy, especially if you just download and print.

Step 1: Tools, Consumables, Software

Tools Used:
  • 3D Printer - Any FDM
  • OnShape - Free and pretty powerful completely online 3D CAD Web App
  • whatever you use for your 3D Printer


  • E6000 - This industrial glue works really well for gluing together PLA and the metal pin back. Hot glues and superglue don't work as well for PLA. If you have 2 part epoxy on hand that works too.
  • Pin backs - available at any craft store like Michael's and Amazon.
  • PLA - I used Protopasta's Glitterflake PLA! It prints just like regular PLA and is awesome.
  • fragrant herbs

Step 2: Measure, Model, 3D Print

I measured my pin back to get dimensions.

Simply download the STL if you'd like to skip the modeling.

In OnShape:

  1. Sketch 3 rectangles 9mm by 5mm each on XY plane.
  2. Extrude side ones 6mm along positive Z axis.
  3. Extrude the center one 8mm along positive Z.
  4. Shell the solids, .7mm thick.
  5. Optional: fillet. (this is so small that I don't think it made a difference).

3D Print:

The only thing I would note about 3D printing this is that these are so small I would print more than one at a time to give each layer a chance to cool, otherwise I think the edges will curl. It took my printer 10 minutes to print a set of 4.

Step 3: Assemble and Enjoy!

Simply glue the metal pins onto the planters wait for E6000 to set (at least 15 minutes) And add your choice of herbs!

We have Redken Kale, Sweet Green Leaf Fennel, Russian Sage, Italian Parsley, Sicilian Oregano + more!

I find that it helps if you roll up a leaf then stuff it in because it will stay better.

I really enjoyed wearing these because of the occasional wafts of fresh herbs.

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