Introduction: Wearable Jack O’Lantern Pendant in Less Than 10 Minutes

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Now if your like me, and you wait for the last minute to get your halloween costume ready, here is a quick idea/prop that you can add to your costume for that “WOW factor" ..

Build the Wearable Jack O’Lantern Pendant in less than 10 minutes, with a small pumpkin and stuff that you have at home like a knife,wine opener,etc. And to add a light inside the pumpkin run to your hardware/electrical store like RadioShack and buy a couple of LED’s and a couple of Coin cell batteries(which would cost you about 5-8$) or if you have a couple of days to go, order it from the Adafruit store..

Watch the Video above for instructions or follow the steps below to complete this quick and easy prop.

If you make one for halloween, comment below and upload a picture of your design...Also time your self and post the time..

Step 1: Things You’ll Need

Small pumpkin

Screw diver

Small screw driver/or a nail

Wine opener



Thick thread/plastic lacing

Small Zip Lock bag

Electronic Components

  • LED , there are a variety LEDs my suggestion is to use red, or use a multi-color LED like the one i am using.
  • Coin cell battery - 3V
  • Electrical tape

Step 2: Carving the Pumpkin

Use a sharpie to mark the areas that you want to carve

  • eyes
  • mouth
  • the back to insert the LED with the battery
  • and two holes to insert the String

Now use a pointed knife to carve though the areas marked with the sharpie.

Remove the seeds using a screw driver or a small spoon.

Step 3: Inserting the String

Insert the thread/plastic lacing through the holes at the top of the pumpkin.

Use a figure of eight knot to tie the string, this type of knot is used mostly by saliors or rock climbers, to read more about the knot refer to the wiki page at

Step 4: Adding the LED

Test the LED , connect the long end of the LED to the +ve end of the battery(you should see a + sign on one side of the battery) and the shorter end to the -ve end of the battery.

Tape the LED around the battery using electrical tape

Insert the glowing LED in the small zip lock bag and seal it.

Note: the zip lock is use to waterproof the the LED and battery circuit to prevent shorts

Step 5: Inserting Zip Lock Into the Pumpkin

Insert the zip lock into the pumpkin

Add the back piece and add normal transparent tape if required to seal the back.

Now your ready to wear Jack O’Lantern Pendant ..

Step 6: Some Tips

Tape the pumpkin back to prevent the LED zip lock from falling off

Always carry a couple of coin cell batteries in your pocket, to light up Jack O’Lantern Pendant if the first battery dies.

Also cary a couple of LEDs, if for some reason the first LED burns out.

Use plastic lacing or thick thread instead of metal, for the chain part of your necklace, as metal can cut through the pumpkin.

Be careful while using the knife, try and place the pumpkin on the table instead of holding in palm of your hand.

Refrigerator the pumpkin for it to last longer, remember it is just like any other fruit !

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