Introduction: Wearable Photon Beatbox

This project was inspired by code for a photon beat box I found on Adafruit:

I decided to elaborate on this concept by taking the code and making it into a wearable electronic vest that will change colors as you bounce around to music. Circuit playground express is not washable, so I decided to build a pouch for it that attaches to the garment using velcro.


  • Circuit Playground Express
  • AAA battery pack
  • Micro USB / USB Drive cord
  • A snazzy vest (or alternative garment)
  • Velcro
  • Fabric ( I used a combination of leather and felt scraps because they were easily accessible)
  • Snaps
  • Sewing needle
  • Thread

Step 1: Make the Code

Follow this link to find the code for the photo beat box:

Click the Edit button to bring the you to the Makecode editor.

Step 2: Save & Download

Save the code onto your computer as a .uf2 file.

Plug a Micro USB cable into the Circuit Playground Express and your computer. A drive will appear on your desktop and you can drag your .uf2 file into the drive to transfer the code into the Circuit Playground Express.

Step 3: Attach the Battery Pack

Attach the battery pack into your newly programmed Circuit Board Express

Step 4: Construct a Pouch

To make the pouch, I used a combination of felt and repurposed leather from a handbag that was falling apart. The pouch should be big enough to comfortably fit the battery pack with a little wiggle room all around.

Cut two pieces of fabric to the size you want your pouch to be.

Use a basic running stitch to sew the two pieces of fabric together around three sides of the fabric, leaving the last side open.

Step 5: Add Snaps and Invert

Next, I sewed in three snaps along the top of the pouch to keep it closed while on my garment.

Once the snaps are sewn, turn the pouch inside out to hide the seams.

Step 6: Add Velcro

Next I added velcro to the front of the pouch where the Circuit Board Express should be displayed.

I also added two velcro strips to the back of the pouch and vest.

Step 7: Dress to Impress

Wear your garment at social gatherings and impress onlookers with your snazzy garment that changes colors as you dance!