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Hello there. As far as I know, I believe that USB memory has been the greatest versatile storage device ever. Now, cloud has been  great device, but what will we do when there is no internet coverage?  And USB is great when we modify them to suit our needs. I was looking for a right time, for a right ornament for my trustworthy drive then I got a petra-dura leaf from Japan, with semi-precious stones layered. It was totally valuable to me. so i wished to mix both of my likeable things. and it came up to this, oh yes this will be a very great gifting idea to your favorite persons.

Step 1: Things Needed to Modify.

1) We are really modifying a USB drive, So we need that first. I took a transcend jetflash 16GB drive.
2) Duct tape or Sticky tape.
3) hot glue.
4) An ornament or something to hide the USB into.
5) A keychain and/or chain to hang it on your neck.

Step 2: Making the Pendant Structure

All you have to do now is de-assemble the USB drive. now we can see the flash chip, LEDs, etc. It will be damaging to both our hands and the device if we use it this way. so we have to roll up the tape all over the area other than the silver colored socket.
now mark the point that the socket is entering the port. (i.e. when you connect it). Now put some hot glue above the flash chip and below the marked point gently and less. (Note that this may cause damage to your drive if not handled properly). It will dry out after some time, before that, place your desired thing above the glue. And you have done it.

Step 3: Complete It.

Now put some hot glue over the opposite edge of the USB plug, on the ornament's back side, and connect a keychain to it. from the keychain, the chain can be connected without tape or glue. If you want, you can stick the chain straight away to the USB (but that makes you always remove your chain to access your data). test the drive whether it is okay. now you're done. Enjoy with it.
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