Introduction: Weather API Connection

This manual helps you with getting a weather API key. This is one of many steps for creating a smart mirror that helps you deciding what to wear. One of the needs is to get weather data about your location.

The above picture shows you the data you can get with this API.

The data you need from this API for the smart mirror are the temperature, the amount of wind, if it's sunny or cloudy and if it's gonna rain or not.

At the end I explain how it can work with giving the weather a grade. Maybe it's possible to work that into your stuff.

Step 1: Some Extra Information

This is a manual I had to write for school. It's not complete and I'm not sure if you can even use it. My knowledge of API's is the bare minimum and all I can do is help you with generating the API key and how you can use the data to grade the current weather. Hope it's still useful.

Step 2: Make an Account on the Weather API Site

Before you can start you have to generate an API key. Before you can do that tho they want you to make an account.

This is the link you need to follow:

Fill in the form and create an account.

Step 3: Verify Your Email Adress

After you filled in the form and creating an account, the site asks you to verify your email address. Check your email. When it's not in the main folder make sure you check the SPAM or ADVERTISEMENT folder.

You found the mail? Great, click it and verify your mail address.

You didn't find the mail? Maybe wait for a few minutes. If that didn't help you can try to fill it in again because there is a change you filled your mail address in wrong. If it says that email address already exists there is probably a problem with the server of the site. Patience is the key.

Step 4: The API Key

The mail you received from WeerOnline contains the link to activate your email address but also the generated API-key.

I made my key red, but that's where you should find your key. Also don't judge my UserName pls.

Step 5: Give Credit

Now you have your API key, you can use it for free and it will be as long as you give the user credit, all they ask of you is a little "KNMI weather via". If you don't wanna give credit you can fix a payed service. You can get it at this site:

Step 6: Grade the Weather

The weather grade is for during the day between 7 AM and 19 PM.

This scale works from 1 to 10 where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest.

A dry day with almost no wind clouds, fog and almost no wind gets a 10. If there are some to a lot of clouds the total amount of the grade can lose between 1 and 3 points. When it's foggy it can cost 1 to 2 points, that depends on how long it will be foggy that day.

With rain it works that every 2 hours of rain costs the weather grade 1 point. But when it's raining like 11 or 12 hours it cost 4 points.

A weak wind costs no points but the more and the longer there is more then less wind it costs you points.

The temperature has no influence on the grade because you can have perfect days when it's very cold.

Rain and wind have the most impact on the total mark.

Step 7: Here I Would Explain to You How to Integrate the API in Your Code

But I don't understand how that works. I'm sorry. Hope the rest of the manual is clear enough.