Weathering Sherman Rc Tank

Introduction: Weathering Sherman Rc Tank

Hello, In this project I will make weathering on Sherman rc tank 1/16 scale from Heng Long. Sherman tank is one of the famous tanks in WW2. This time it will be different, I will apply metal iron paint direct and use rust activator to finish it off. It fun and looks realistic to the scale model. The step is simple and basic and easy to do. The result looks great. Let’s begin.

Supplies that you need to do Weathering Sherman’s project.

1. Heng Long Sherman rc tank (Or Other models)

2. Arcylic paints, (White, Black, Dark Brown), paint tray, water spray, and paint brushes different sizes. Spray paints (Tamiya’s spray color TS-28 Olive Drab 2).

3. Metal iron paint direct and use rust activator

4. Masking tape, sponge, and paper tower.

Step 1: Paint the Do the Rust Areas.

First I need to disassembly the Sherman rc tank by unscrew at the bottom of the tank, it should be about 6 screws. I took the turret’s piece (top part) and the upper hull, lower hull with wheels (bottom part), then disconnected the wires ports. Next I remove the wheels and use masking tape, tape at the edge of the wheels and it should be ready for paint. Then prepare the Sherman for paint, I use alcohol to clean of the grease and dust. At first I spray paint Tamiya TS-28 on the turret and upper hull, due to the original tank come with dark shadow line to highlight throughout the tank and for the lower hull it ok. I use the small piece dish sponge on the edges dip into metal iron paint and apply all over the tank (at least twice and let dry first), to the area that I think it should rust. Then I apply the rust activator to the area that, I apply metal iron paint and wait for a day. Then, I realized that it might be too much rust area, so I went back to correct by spray TS-28, at the place that I think it too much. Next I spray the accessories that come with the Sherman TS-28 such as: gas can, metal boxes.

Step 2: Do the Decals and Paint Accessories.

Next I assemble the tank, I also make a stencil for the star, decal, and number. Then I use the sponge dip into white paint and stamp on the side of the turret and the upper hull, and before it dry wipe it off a little bit with paper tower, so not too much paint will show. The decal and number will look like fade away. Then, I can see what I should adjust to make it look better. In some area that need more rust, I just apply rust activator, the rust sometimes will be different color. I attach all of the accessories that come with the tank such as the spare track, tow cable, tools, and others (I spray matt black). I also paint, all the wood handles look like wood and other things paint the color as it would be. For the exhaust pipe, air intake, radiator fan, and all wheels have some oil leak, so in the middle of the wheel will use black acrylic color and apply the body oil to make it shine. For the machine gun, I spray with flat black and highlight with white acrylic paint and rub it off. It should stick just a little bit.

Step 3: Rearrange the Accessories.

Last thing I rearrange the looks on the tank, by reposition the bags, metal boxes, wooden boxes, the logs on the side, and other things by tie it with the rope. It looks different then the manual recommend. It looks much better and it runs and it can be show piece as well.


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