Introduction: Weave a Wheel Barrow With Paper!

This Wheelbarrow is all paper!...You don't believe me?? on and check it out!

This is so cute would look so great as a center piece for a could keep a plant or pot pori...
you could even use it to hold your knickknacks!

Step 1: Materials

News paper
Tissue paper
paint/ wood stain

Step 2: Thick and Thin Rods

First you need to make loads of Newspaper rods.
You need to make thin rods and for the base of the wheel barrow.
To make thin rods..take a centerfold paper and fold into four...cut and open up...then keep a skewer at an angle and roll tightly.
for more details on how to roll newspaper rods...check out this tutorial

You would need about 3 or 4 thick rods for the legs and handles.
For thicker rods...cut newspaper at center fold and then roll at an angle and glue....please check pictures for clear reference.

Step 3: Weave the Base

For the base I used all thin rods
Intersect 4 rods as picture...then gradually build up by weaving rods from the sides and and out in and out :-)
Once you make the base the size you want....fold up every other rod up. surrond the upright rods with another rod and glue and close it up...hold with a clamp.

Take another rod and wave with the other rods in and out in and out. please refer picture.
Use one more rod to build up the walls of the basket.

Now fold over the excess rod and cut it off...make sure the fold end inbetween the parallel rods.

glue and hold with clamps.

To conceal and neaten...cut about a 1" wide strip of paper and fold it into 3 lengthwise.
Now weave it where the rods have been cut so that the cuts would be concealed.

please refer to pictures
Your basket is lets make it a wheelbarrow!

Step 4: The Wheel

Find a pen which is about the thickness of the diameter of the thick rod.
Now take a thin rod and wrap around it and glue as  you go...wrap around till you get  the required size for your wheel.
I simply wrapped the whole rod...if you want it bigger and need more length...simply insert another rod at the end of the rod you want lengthened.

Step 5: Fill It Up

I now wanted to fill the gap up so there wouldn't be holes...but the weave will show.
Dilute some white glue with water.
Place tissue on basket and paint over with watered down glue...add layers to make it strong...but not too much that the weave will be concealed.
Do the same for the wheel.

Step 6: Paint the Wheel

I'm sorry...but I was impatient and forgot to take a picture of the wheel and basket with only the tissue paper before painting...please excuse me !
Paint the wheel and axle.
Now push the axle through the hole and bend. To hold it in place place anther thin rod across and glue it in place. please refer picture.

I was so impatient to finish and as I had paint all over my bush and hands I thought to paint the basket too...this was a mistake as it didn't then hold the glue well when I was fixing up the axle to it...I had to add reinforcements...which you would notice in the next step.

Step 7: The Stand

Take 2 thick rods ...find the thickest part of the rod....hold it together and fold it in the shape illustrated the first picture. make sure the thickest part of the rod is in the stand.  you may vary the stand according to how far you your wheelbarrow to tilt.

Turn the basket upside down and hot glue the axle to the  bottom...Slip the stands under  the axle and glue. add reinforcements if necessary  in the form of  tissue and glue  so that it will hold well.
The reason I didn't continue from the axle is cause the ends of the axle wasn't strong enough....and if I were to would still be weak as only the thinnest part would connect.

Glue the stand down and then glue all the way up to the top of the basket. hold with clamps.
Roll up the ends to form handles.

Now have some patience and let it all dry up and give it one more splash of paint!

Step 8:

As you can see...once you paint up...the tissue disappears.. :-)

Each one has different tastes...perhaps it would be nice in white... a 6yr old boy thought it would look great in red...
and then some thought it was plain ugly....and some thought it was okay :-)

Well... if you like it I would like our  Vote for the craft contest as I would like a shot at the paper craft  prize ! I so love it ....well me and probably a million others ! haha

Anyway...I would like your vote please ...pretty please :-)


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